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Free import

The following items can be imported tax free into the country by any travellers aged 17 or over.
• 250 cigarettes
• 250g cigars
• 250g tobacco
• Combination of above items that does not exceed 250g
• 225litres of liquor
• 4.5 litres of wine
• 4.5 litres of beer
• Items of clothing, toiletries, personal computers and other personnel effects are also free to import.
Travellers may import other personal goods providing the total value does not exceed FJ$400.


• ALL species of birds


• All weapons including firearms, knives, swords and explosives will require a police permit before being allowed entry.
• Food, Plants or plant parts, camping equipment and biological specimens will all require a special permit from the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and Fisheries before entering the country. The import of meat and dairy products is not currently permitted from Tasmania.
• Cats, Dogs and other domestic pets can only be directly imported by air into the country from Australia, Hawaii or New Zealand. Travellers wishing to imports pets into Fiji will need to send their pets to one of these countries and satisfying those countries customs requirements before exporting it to Fiji from there. Travellers will also be required to fill out an “APPLICATION TO IMPORT LIVE ANIMALS INTO FIJI” form from the office of the Director of Animal Health and Production along with proof of Rabies vaccination before being allowed admittance into the country.

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